Naming Ceremonies

Naming Ceremonies are increasingly popular. They are a secular ceremony and the occasion at which the parents choose to formally introduce their child to their family and circle of friends, and announce the chosen names. Some parents believe that children should make their own decision about whether to embrace a religious faith when they are old enough to understand the commitment. Often Naming Ceremonies are used when the parents come from different faiths and wish their child to have the option to choose their own faith once they are older.  A Secular Naming can bring families together, regardless of religious differences.

A Naming Ceremony marks a very significant event in family life – the arrival of a new family member. Parents elect to have a Naming Ceremony to share the occasion with family and friends at what is usually an informal though still very important and delightful occasion.

As well as giving the child his or her name, this ceremony also incorporates godparents (mentors or sponsors) promising to take a special interest in this child.

Some children are named shortly after birth, but the first birthday is a popular time for others.

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